Being a lesbian is a choice – Black Queens striker Priscilla Adubea speaks

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Black Queens striker Priscilla Adubea

The issue of Lesbians, Gay, Bisexuals, Transgender, Queer and Intersex has become rife and dominated radio and TV discussions ever since an office was opened in Ghana.

It’s at the back of this that Black Queens of Ghana striker Priscilla Adubea has added her voice to the buzz.

And according to her, being a lesbian as a footballer is a choice as no one can force it on you especially if you are a female footballer.

The truth is, lesbianism is believed to be among female players in the country but Adubea who plays for Spanish side, Sporting de Huelva, revealed that she has a boyfriend and will be very happy to be married after her football career.

She said she cannot condemn or praise female footballers who are lesbians because it is a lifestyle so no one can force it on people or stop them from practising.

Speaking on Adom TV, she said that female footballers are mostly accused of being lesbians because of the way they dress.

“People are practising lesbianism but are not tagged because they are not footballers,’’ she disclosed.

The former Ampem Darkoa star alleged that most Ghanaians do not respect female players because of the accusation levelled against them in their field.

She, however, revealed that most female players have boyfriends and explained that one female player in her team has given birth.

She added that as a footballer “if you meet a man who understands your career and is willing to support you, it is the best.”


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