A Ghanaian Vlogger and Social media influencer based in Germany has opined that being locked up in a German prison is far better than being an unemployed graduate in Ghana.

The vlogger who is known as Bigscout Nana Prempeh sounded pissed off in the post he made on Social media, calling out greedy politicians to wake up and think about the next generation.

With high unemployment rate in Ghana, the dependency ratio in the country is also high and although the government seems to do something about the unemployment situation in Ghana, much hasn’t change about the situation.

The young man wrote on his Facebook wall:

Being a prisoner in Germany is even far better than being an unemployed graduate in Ghana!

In Germany prisoners are employed and even those without training jobs gets trained😥🇩🇪

Wake up greedy leaders and think about the next generation but not only how to win the next elections

Do you agree with him? Share your thoughts in comments:

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