“Being Childless In Africa Is Brutally Traumatizing”, Man Recounts His Ordeal Due To Lack Of Childbirth After Finally Getting A Child

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A man from the Gambia, Prince Bubacarr Aminata Sankanu has recounted the trauma he has faced after many failed marriages due to his inability to give birth to a child of his own.

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Prince and his wife
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The man took to Facebook to recount the ordeal of childlessness after finally getting a child on the third time of asking after his previous two wives left because of his infertility.

According to Prince Bubacarr Aminata Sankanu, a filmmaker in the Gambia, “Being childless in our African society can be brutally traumatizing”.

Prince is planning on a very lavish naming ceremony for his daughter and has already unveiled her name as PRINCESS BALAQESHA BUBACARR SANKANU, whiles encouraging men going through the unfortunate period of inability to produce not to give up as he says God’s time is the best.

Read the Full Facebook post by Prince who is Gambian;

Being childless in our African society can be brutally traumatizing. My first and second marriages failed due to delayed child-bearing.
In the proverbial “third time lucky” context, my current legitimate wife, Fatimah Sankanu Gerew and I are blessed with our first beautiful common biological daughter on Friday, 04th December 2020. Our child was born at the prestigious Vincenz Palloti Hospital (VPH) in Bergisch Gladbach-Bensberg, Germany. VPH is a UNICEF and WHO certified baby-friendly hospital.
Our daughter’s official names are: PRINCESS BALAQESHA BUBACARR SANKANU. Balaqesha is the local Sarahulleh (Soninke) variation of the QUEEN OF SHEBA or Bilkis in Arabic.
The big traditional naming ceremony will take place in Sotuma Sere, Jimara District, URR, The Gambia, sometime in 2021.
To all the men who share my fate in delayed reproduction, DO NOT LOSE HOPE. Society will stigmatize and ridicule one as impotent and so on. Remain faithful and maintain a positive state of mind. Find out the cause of the reproduction delays and seek help.
My fertility issue of low sperm count was the side effect of intensive medication following Tuberculosis ailment in the early 2000s. Thanks to continuous detoxification of my body coupled with a healthier living standard, I overcame the problem.
Our society has a primitive way of seeing low sperm count as impotence even if erectional function remains perfect.
I have done my part in breaking the taboo on male fertility in our society as a way of inspiring others not to lose self-confidence.
Warmest regards,
Prince Bubacarr Aminata Sankanu
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