Being Sidelined By Frank Rajah Didn’t Affect My Career – Eddy Nartey Discloses

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Ghanaian actor and director Eddie Nartey has revealed he is unfazed by revelation of sabotage from Frank Rajah Arase.

Frank Rajah recently confirmed he actually sidelined Eddie and colleague Ekow Smith Asante due to tales he heard about them years ago.

Frank said he devoted his time to pushing other talents instead of these two.

Responding to this issue in an interview with Multimedia’s MzGee, a very calm Eddie Nartey disclosed he was already privy to this information.

He added Frank Rajah first made the confession when he was invited to speak to participants of the Zylofon Art Club to his utter shock and disappointment.

He reiterated his admiration and respect for the celebrated director saying Frank’s contribution to his career is very monumental.

“Everything I know I learnt from him, he has really contributed to my career and I know his capabilities but it’s unfortunate he did that”.

Eddie further expressed his gratitude to Frank for the courageous admission of wrongdoing, “I’m happy and grateful that he confessed because people will know I wasn’t being lazy or complacent, I simply wasn’t granted the opportunity by industry players”.

Eddie Nartey joined Zylofon media two years ago as an artiste and repertoire for movie management.


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