Believing in the existence of Jesus Christ remains my greatest regret in life – Nigerian lady confesses

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Per the happenings, Solomon Reinach was damn right to have defined religion as a sum of scruples which impede the free use of our faculties. In other words, religion restricts mankind from logical reasoning; the reason being that religion is merely based on faith.

Consequently, one has to become logically dumb in order to become a believer else whoever decides to become critical in thinking will always find problem with the tenets of religion as in the case of a Nigerian Facebook user called Purity Nick.

Purity Nick
Purity Nick

According to Purity Nick, her greatest regret in life so far has to do with being fooled to believe in the existence of someone called Jesus Christ. As a result of, she becomes sad whenever she reminisces the time wasted in the church in the name of worshiping a supposedly being called Jesus Christ.

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Not only the believe in the existence of Jesus remains her biggest regret as she also doesn’t believe that any man from Heaven would come down one day and take her because there is no place called Heaven.

She posted below:

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“My greatest regret in life was

1: Ever going to church

2: Ever rejecting my root

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3: Ever believing that there is a mansion up there for me oh please

4: Ever believing that there is a man up there that will someday come and take me

5: Ever believing in your Jesus Christ

6: Ever believing that Oku Mmuo is hell fire, how can hell fire be Oku Mmuo ?

All brainwash”

Although we can’t establish with certainty what pushed Purity to make such wild pronouncement. But checks made by intelligence crew led by Adu Sarpeah  revealed that the lady in the past was initiated by the spirit of the gods. However, she was forced to stop practising the work of a traditional priest to become a believer.

But someway somehow, she has made a U-turn to practice traditional priesthood for reasons best known to her. Trust Ghana’s favourite entertainment blog, to keep you posted on this issue as the intelligence crew is following the development keenly.

Check out screenshot below:

Purity Nick’s post



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