Ben Domenech Wife: Who Did The American Blogger Marry?

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He is a writer, blogger, editor, publisher, and television pundit from the United States. He is a co-founder, publisher, and host of The Federalist Radio Hour. He also writes The Transom, a daily newsletter for political insiders that is available for subscription. He was a founding partner of the RedState group blog. He currently frequently co-hosts and provides commentary on Fox News. These point to the fact that he is a very popular person out there, but who is Ben Domenech wife?

Is his wife as popular as he is? Find out in this article who he shares his home with at the moment.

Who is Ben Domenech? Early Life

Meghan McCain Husband
Ben Domenech Wife

Ben Domenech wife must be proud of him for his achievements, but who really is Ben?

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This section gives you a few details about his early life and educational background.

Domenech was born in Jackson, Mississippi, but grew up in Charleston, South Carolina.

He is the son of Douglas Domenech, who served as the US Department of the Interior’s White House liaison during the George H.W. Bush administration and as assistant secretary of the interior for international and insular affairs under the Trump administration.

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Born on January 1, 1982, Ben is currently 41 years old.

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At 41 years old, the expectations are that he has a wife and kids.

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So who is Ben Domenech wife? This is the subject of this article, and by the time you finish reading the article, you would have found out who the beautiful wife of the American blogger is.

Domenech attended the College of William & Mary from 1999 through 2002, departing before his final year after obtaining a job offer from the United States Department of Health and Human Services.

Ben Domenech Wife

Meghan McCain Age
Meghan McCain

Is the American writer married to anyone? Yes, he is married. Ben Domenech wife is the beautiful daughter of John McCain, Meghan McCain.

The two have been married for quite a long time now after tying the knot in 2017.

At a friend’s place for dinner in 2014, Ben Domenech and Meghan McCain became friends.

They began dating shortly after, and they got engaged in July 2017.

They were married in a simple ceremony that November.

The relationship between them has been investigated by the media, with some criticizing their political differences.

Ben Domenech wife, Meghan McCain is a Republican who has attacked the past president, in contrast to her husband Ben Domenech, who is a devoted supporter of the former president.

Despite this, the two have been able to stay close, and McCain has thanked Domenech for helping her father get through his cancer treatment.

The couple’s first child was born in 2020, and their second, who was born in January 2023, brought their total number of children to two.

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Who is Meghan McCain?

Meghan McCain net worth
Meghan McCain

Ben Domenech is well known out there, can the same thing be said about his wife, Meghan McCain? Who is Meghan McCain?

Born on October 23, 1984, Meghan Marguerite McCain is an American novelist, columnist, and television personality. She has previously worked for Fox News, MSNBC, and ABC News. She was first seen in public in 1996 during the Republican National Convention.

Ben Domenech wife, Meghan McCain is the daughter of politician John McCain and diplomat Cindy McCain.

For her own blog, McCain Blogette, where she chronicled life during the John McCain 2008 presidential campaign, McCain attracted media notice in 2007.

She started collaborating with The Daily Beast as a writer in 2009.

She co-hosted the daytime talk show Outnumbered from 2016 to 2017.

Soon after, she started co-hosting the daytime chat show The View, which she did through 2021.

Following her departure from The View, McCain started writing columns for the Daily Mail website.

From what we have seen of her, Ben Domenech wife, Meghan McCain is just as popular, if not more popular than him.


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