Benjamin Norris Parents : Meet Charlie And Annie Norris

Benjamin Norris Parents still remain one of the interesting aspects of him that many have been trying to know about. In this write up, we will bring you details on that.

Who is Benjamin Norris?

Benjamin Norris is a renowned a Renowned actor, writer and producer with a clear focus in comedy and currently based in Los Angeles. 

Benjamin was born and raised in White Plains, New York  and grew up developing a high level of interest in acting and writing which he wished to be doing as a profession in future. 

To achieve that in future, Benjamin Norris has been writing his own material and producing his own videos since before he was tall enough to ride a roller coaster.

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In 2012, he  moved to Los Angeles and put in further steps. He honed his craft by studying improv at the Groundlings school and producing the weekly comedy web series “Live Your Lyfe.” Since then, Benjamin has worked for many big names across all platforms including BuzzFeed, DirecTV, Netflix and NBC.

Who are Benjamin Norris Parents ?

Benjamin Norris was born to Charlie Norri, his lovely father And Annie Norris, his mother who all played an influential role in his life.



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