You are a goat- Berla Mundi clashes with fan who told her bluntly that she’s into hookup

Berla Mundi lost her cool when a troll crawled beneath her post and left an unsavoury statement about her.

Not holding back, she returned fire in equal measure and the internet is buzzing presently. She called the ‘busy-body’ troll a goat and reminded him that it’s for this reason that his mother is not yet a minister.

See the post shared on @Ghbase IG platform;

Berla Mundi recently shook the foundation of the internet following her revelation that she has finally found the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with.

The Media General employee and on-air personality is one of the conspicuous spinsters in the industry but that could be tossed into the dustbin of history now after she excitedly told her fans on social media that she has finally found the man who meets her specs.

Apparently being an avid viewer of the popular Big Brother Nigeria reality show, Berla is rooting for Shegzz and says he’s the man who turns her ovaries.

The comment comes after the newly unveiled Season 7 of the reality show dubbed Level Up was held on Saturday & Sunday, July 23, 24 after all the housemates were introduced and ushered into the house where all the drama will take place for several weeks to come.

Berla says Shegzz accent and his bad boy vibes have won her over and she wouldn’t miss this chance in grabbing him for herself, as it were.

See what she posted that got the internet buzzing;



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