Berla Mundi marries in a secret-lavish ceremony

Popular TV3 presenter Berla Mundi has reportedly walked down the aisle, marking a significant milestone in her personal life.

News of her secret wedding has emerged online, unveiling details about a private ceremony held in Accra.

The strict enforcement of a ‘no phones allowed’ policy heightened the clandestine nature of the event, creating an air of intrigue around the newlywed couple.

According to reports, the secret wedding took place recently, with attendees strictly prohibited from carrying their phones into the venue.

This discreet approach adds an element of mystery to Berla Mundi’s wedding keeping the affair private and exclusive.

As reported, Berla Mundi exchanged vows with David Tabi. The groom, hailing from a wealthy Ghanaian family, has roots deeply entrenched in the mining industry, boasting a family legacy that spans over 30 years.


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