Don’t Call Me Fat, Just Call Me ‘Sexy’-Actress Berlinda Pleads With Ghanaians

No one wants to be described as fat and actresss Berlinda Sefakor Dzattah is one of such persons. The actress says to be called fat is unfair.
The actress pleaded disclosed this in an interview she had with Graphic Showbiz.
“Don’t call me fat, refer to me as a plus-size person. In fact, call me s*xy because I am. It is rude to call anyone fat”, she said in a recent interview with the state owned Showbiz.
“I do get comments like I’m fat, big and all that from people and on social media but then I want to use this opportunity to say such comments are unfair and it is not something I am happy about. Instead of calling me fat or big, refer to me as plus-size and s*xy.” she added.
Berlinda says, she would prefer people to just call her or describe her as ‘pluz sized’ or even s*xy’. She also mentioned that she’s ‘fat’ because she was born that way.
“I was born like this, I have always been like this. Anyone who knows me from childhood will not be surprised to see me like this,”
There you have it. So next when you come across her in town, don’t call her fat or even on Social media. You could just say ‘S*xy Berlinda’.
Chris Handler
Chris Handler
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