Berlinda Tolbert Net Worth; All You Need To Know

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Now well advanced in age and not as active as she used to be when she first started in 1973, Berlinda Tolbert net worth which she earned during her active years, has become more important as this is what she would now depend on for her upkeep.

Today, we take you through the life of the celebrated actress who had been on our screens for decades with several movie roles that made her one of the popular and loved entertainers.

In this article, you are going to learn all there is to know about Berlinda Tolbert with a special focus on her net worth.

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Who is Berlinda Tolbert? Learn about her here.

Berlinda Tolbert Net Worth; Biography

American actress Berlinda Tolbert works in both film and television.

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On the CBS sitcom The Jeffersons, which ran from 1975 to 1985, Tolbert is best remembered for playing Jenny Willis Jefferson, the child of Tom and Helen Willis.

She was born in Charlotte, North California, on November 4, 1949.

There are some decisions that we often make that our families do not support as they would want us to do other things other than what we have chosen for ourselves, thankfully, Berlinda had her family support her in her resolve to be an actress and her dream of entertaining people did materialize.

Today we are talking about Berlinda Tolbert net worth because of the work she had done while she was active.

She might not be active now as she quit acting in 2013 after several years but her work remains and her legacy is intact.

Educational Background

Berlinda Tolbert

Berlinda studied theater in Winston-North Salem’s California School of Arts while she was a student at North California University.

She studied drama in London for some time to hone her acting abilities.

What is Berlinda Tolbert net worth now that she is not active? We shall find out but for now, let’s see how her career unfolded.

Career Beginnings

Her acting career began in 1973 and she made her breakthrough on ‘The Jeffersons.’

This played a significant role in the appreciation of Berlinda Tolbert net worth as she earned something significant from her role in the series.

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Berlinda Tolbert played Jenny on ‘The Jeffersons’, the mixed-race marriage between Tom and Helen Willis’ daughter.

When George and Louise Jefferson were still featured as characters in Norman Lear’s “All In The Family,” Jenny had become engaged to Lionel Jefferson, their son.

After being married, they had a daughter.

From 1975 through 1985, Tolbert played Jenny throughout the whole length of the show.

The original actor who portrayed her boyfriend/husband Lionel, Mike Evans (1949-2006), was born just one day after Tolbert.

Additionally, they were both born in North Carolina.

Berlinda Tolbert, Marla Gibbs, Jay Hammer, and Damon Evans (Lionel #2) are the final remaining actors from The Jeffersons core cast as of July 2021.

Tolbert participated in the 1981 Battle of the Network Stars as a member of the CBS squad.

Tolbert had the lead role in Maya Angelou’s play On A Southern Journey in 1983.

After The Jeffersons were cancelled in 1985, Tolbert made appearances on ER, Six Feet Under, and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation as well as in the movies Harlem Nights, Goodfellas, and Patriot Games.

In the 2011 independent movie Last Ride on the Midwest Pacific, Tolbert made an appearance.

We have seen her work, it’s time to see Berlinda Tolbert net worth; how much did she make from all of this?

Berlinda Tolbert Net Worth

Berlinda Tolbert Net Worth

Berlinda Tolbert net worth might not compare to others in the industry but she has earned just as much. She has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Now at 73 years of age, she has retired and is no longer active.

Is Berlinda married? Yes, she is. Berlinda married Bob Reid in 1979.

Berlinda Tolbert met Bob Reid in Atlanta while she was filming for a TV show and Bob was working for NBC.

Bob Reid is a journalist and producer.

After only 11 days of dating, because it was love at first sight, they were wed on February 14, 1979, in Rhode Island.

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