Beverly Afaglo Is Sabotaging The Comeback Of Choirmaster – Praye Tenten Reveals

The trade in accusations and counter-accusations in the camp of Praye may not end any time soon, even after two of its members reunited.


Kente (Praye Tenten) and Cartel Big J (Praye Tietia) currently make up the music group without Choirmaster (Praye Honeho).


On Joy FM’s Drive Time with Lexis Bill this week, Choirmaster claimed one of his colleagues used to beat the others in the group although he failed to name the victim of the situation. Meanwhile, he affirmed Praye Tenten is the notorious in the group during their association.


I know what I have been through. There were times that members were beaten in the group… by fellow members,” he alleged.


To authenticate the truth behind the allegations by Choirmaster, Hitz News contacted Praye Tenten to confirm or deny. In the interview, Praye Tenten vehemently denied the claim, describing the comments by Choirmaster as lies.


“Never! It is a big lie. It is a big big lie…This is not true,” Praye Tenten fumed. He said he suspects that Choirmaster is being influenced negatively by his wife, Beverly Afaglo.