Beware Of Internet Dating – Young Girl Narrates How She Was Raped And Robbed By Internet Boyfriend

A young lady whose name is withheld has narrated her sad ordeal with an internet date who ended up raping her and robbing her as well.

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In this modern age, the internet has become part of our daily lives with some using it for the greater good and others using it for the worse and harmful reasons.

The internet has also given birth to social media, which is used to make friends as well as linking up with some very old friends and also created a lot career and business opportunities for many but as it is said, everything has its bad side and good side.

A young lady who experienced the bad side of social media and the internet has narrated her sad ordeal with an internet date she thought could be her better half.

Narrating the story, the young lady said she had talked to this guy for sometime and it was time for them to meet up in person. According to the lady this said main made her meet up with him at a very late hour when upon her arrival, things changed and nothing went as planned or assumed.

She said her internet date pulled out a knife on her upon her arrival after he had paid off the Uber drive she had come with and told her obey his instructions or will cut her with the knife.

With fear, she obeyed the man and he took her Iphon 8 and 200 cedis she had on her and took her to an uncompleted building to rape her.

She screamed and screamed after the incident but to no avail as no help came and later went to report the case but was asked to bring a doctor’s report to prove she had been raped which she couldn’t because it would cost her 800 cedis which she couldn’t afford at that time and even when it was reduced to 500 cedis by the doctor.

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