Beware of smooth-talkers; some won’t pay you – Fred Amugi advises young actors

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Veteran Ghanaian actor Fred Amugi has advised young actors in the movie industry to be mindful of smooth-talkers who sweet-talk them.

Fred Amugi has disclosed that some producers only sweet-talk actors into shooting movies but do not pay them after the work is done.

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The veteran actor disclosed that a production house in Nigeria is yet to reimburse him after a role he played in a series he was cast in 2018. Fred Amugi disclosed that he has not heard from them for four years now and all efforts to reach out to the producers proved futile.

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“I went to Nigeria in 2018, just about 4 years ago, and we were in an international kind of film but the Asians who were heading it have, up till now, refused to pay,” he said, shocking Giovani.

When asked if he felt used for not being paid by the production house, Fred Amugi disclosed that he is not bothered about it anymore and has stopped chasing the money.

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“They will come sweet talking and you’ll believe them. For the love and passion for what I do, at a point, somebody wanted to pay me a certain sum, but I told them I will do it for free because it was like an insult,” the actor said on the 3FM Drive.

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