Bewildered Man Narrates How His Well-Fed Dog Of Five Years Attacked Him In His Home

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A gentleman from Nigeria is bewildered by an attack on him by a dog he has shared his home with for the past five years and fed it very well too.

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Dogs are certainly very good animals to keep as they could guard your home whiles you’re away and could also keep guard of your house whiles you snore in peace.

It is, somewhat, rare for a dog to go berserk attacking its owner particularly when it is well-fed as the man claims he has been doing, and that is what this man cannot just fathom.

Narrating his story he said, amidst a call for explanation from specialists that; “My Dog of 5years attacked me this night.please,i want to know why he attacked me and it’s well-fed and taken care of. he his a german shepherd,i want to know why he attacked me. can any specialist explain this?”

According to the man, his dog welcomes him the usual way it does but on this occasion, it attacked him afterwards.

“he hugged my right leg, as usual, the way he greets it when I come back, then all of he sudden he didn’t leave my leg, so I tried to pet him (it’s okay) then he just switched, he became aggressive, then I started calling his name but he wasn’t even responding, that was when I tried”, he added.

The bewildered man known as Ladipo Bode on Twitter added that he had noticed that his dog had been trying to keep distant from him for about two weeks prior to the attack on him.

“I noticed that for like 2weeks he has been avoiding me, even when I try to play with him, he who’d just look or ignore, then today, I went out and I noticed that when I was about to open the gate he was barking, then I called his name and he stopped, then I opened the gate, then using my other leg to kick him and escape, in the process I fell, he started attacking my calf, then I just used my strength to push him and quickly escaped”.

Mr Ladipo is asking for explanations as to why his dog can just attack him all of a sudden.

One respondent @DoubleGod143 believes his closeness to the animal is very important.

“How close u are with ur dog is important, I take care of my dog with an understanding, I let them know I am the alpha of the pack. Even at their worst, they can’t attack me, I’m so close to my dogs that I read everybody language. I train my dogs too well, I can take a bone from”, he said.
However, @J_osung thinks that to prevent this from reoccurring, Ladipo needs to cook the dog’s favourite meal for it to enjoy.
He said; “My German shepherd did dis few years back. He attacked me but I want injured. That is what u will do cause I did same and we r best of friends till date. Cook his favourite meal, take it to him. he will start shaking his tail to eat. Allow him eat, in the process of eating”
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