Beyoncé is royal in her spirit- Pharrell Williams

Beyoncé has been praised by Pharell Williams for her ‘royal spirit’ and the close relationship they have built over the years.

The musician continued by saying that their link might very likely be caused by his conviction that he knew her in a prior life. Williams recently discussed the methods he used to design a studded jumpsuit for Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour in a video posted on Instagram by Louis Vuitton.

The multi-hyphenate artist further elaborated on how his “many lives” of friendship with Queen B contributed to the realization of his goal.

“Beyoncé is a rare spirit,” began Pharrell. “The idea that I know her as a human being and have known her for all this time and our connection, I feel like I’ve known this person for many lives.”

When creating the custom look, Williams kept the music icon’s body and silhouette top of mind.

“The idea here was to give her something that allows her body to set the template,” he stated. “Not only its shape and its form, which is basically informed by her spirit. Your body is literally a spiritual encasement. Continue to celebrate her shape and her form, but also make her feel free at the same time.”

Pharrell added that Beyoncé’s outfit was created for someone “who is royal in her spirit.”

He continued: “Everything was designed with an intention that a true, rare, very powerful spirit is meant to move,” he concluded.

According to Louis Vuitton, the “Happy” recording artist also created custom garments for Beyoncé’s daughter, Blue Ivy, 11, who has joined her mother on stage to bust a move, on multiple occasions during her world tour.


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