Biannca Raines: All To Know About The YouTube Star

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Biannca Raines is a YouTube celebrity and Instagram star best known for being part of the YouTube reaction channel D&B Nation.

In this article, you get the chance to learn more about the beautiful lady plying her trade and making a living off the internet.


Biannca Raines

Jennifer and Charles Raines Prince gave birth to Biannca on March 6, 1997, in Indiana, United States of America. Her parents, however, are currently divorced, and her mother has remarried Ryann.

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Biannca is of Caucasian descent and has five siblings, including sisters Alexis and Christian, who have appeared in a few of her YouTube videos.

She went to R. Nelson Snider High School for her studies.

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Is she married? Who is Biannca Raines husband?

Biannca Raines Husband

Biannca Raines husband

The YouTube star is married. Biannca is currently married to Damien Prince and lives with him.

The couple married in March 2017 after getting engaged on November 20, 2016.

DJ, Kyrie, Nova, and Ayla Faith are the couple’s four children.

She is known for her YouTube activities, but what is Biannca Raines YouTube all about? How did she start?

Biannca Raines YouTube Career

Biannca Raines began her profession in 2016 when she and her husband Damien Prince decided to launch a channel called ‘Couple Reacts’ to upload reaction and prank videos.

Cocaine prank on spouse leads to breakup, Run my scroll, Playz with my bae, and Cheating prank with boyfriend’s closest buddy are some of their most popular YouTube videos, each with millions of views.
The Damien & Biannca, Prince Family, DJ’s Clubhouse, and GamingwithD&B are among the couple’s other YouTube channels.

Following plagiarism allegations, they rebranded their station D&B Nation.

So far, the channel has amassed over 4 million subscribers.

Biannca also contributes to the family’s YouTube channel, The Prince Family, which has over 2 million subscribers. What is Biannca Raines net worth after all these years of hard work?

Biannca Raines Net Worth

Biannca Raines

She has made quite a lot of money for herself. That is what you get when you put your all into anything that you do. For her efforts, Biannca has made some $18 Million, though other portals have reported on her net worth differently.

She has made quite enough money to have a makeover of her body as being reported in the media.

She allegedly received body surgery, including a Brazilian butt-lift and breast augmentation.

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