Bibi Bright’s Marriage Now Shaky, After She Found Out Her Husband Allegedly Cheated

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Actress Bibi Bright’s marriage is at the verge of collapsing and if things do not change, we could be hearing of a divorce soon, a report by Graphic Showbiz says.

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Bibi Bright who got married to her husband Akwasi Boateng two years ago has been heart-broken after she learned that her “innocent “ looking husband has cheated on her.

In 2018 in an interview with MzGee, she described her husband as the only faithful guy she’s ever dated… we guess she had never caught him cheating then.

“Let me just speak the truth, he is a very wonderful and great guy. You know I’ve been married before and doing it again was something very hard for me to do all because marriage is a sacred thing which I believe should last forever and with my work and everything that goes around me, I need someone who will understand me, believe in me, trust me and also be loyal to me. This is my first time dating a faithful man. To all my ex-boyfriends, yes, I’ve said that this is the only faithful man I’ve ever dated”—She told MzGee in 2018 at their wedding in July that year.

This is Bibi Bright’s second marriage and if it collapses over ‘cheating allegations’ then, we don’t think she would ever want to get married again considering that, of all the guys she’s dated in the past, this is the “only faithful’ guy and he’s now disappointed her, she would most likely roar the mantra “All men are the same”

According to Graphic Showbiz’s source, the actress was shocked and angry hen she got to know the truth as she loved the guy so much and even have two kids together.

“Bibi and Akwasi have known each other for years and were madly in love but not since the cheating took place. There is tension between them at the moment and family members have tried their best to resolve the situation but it looks like nothing is working out,”  the source told GS.

The actress has refused to comment on the news when GS contacted her.

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