Big Brethren GH, Closer Look At House Mates: Ghanaians Confused After First Episode Airs…

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The launch of Ghana’s version of the Big Brother reality show is still causing a stir as Ghanaians try to come to terms with the ridiculous show.

Questions have surfaced after the first episode of “Big Brethren Ghana” hit the internet and people can’t quite connect the dots as to the purpose of the show.

A closer look at the house mates showed some men dressed as women living in a “not so suitable” environment.

House mates have however started urging the public to vote for them in order to avoid eviction so it seems the show is here to stay. Watch video below;

Ghanaians are calling out the creators and organizers to explain the purpose and concept of the show, and also improve the living conditions of the house mates.

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