Big girl mocked for boarding okada after radio interview where she said she can’t date a man who doesn’t have a car

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Ugandan socialite, Doreen Kabareebe has become the object of ridicule on social media after she was spotted comfortably perched on an okada (commercial motorcycle) hours after she had said she’ll never have anything to do with a man who doesn’t have his own car.

The ex-contestant of Miss Uganda pageant had sounded her preference in a radio interview on Galaxy 100.2FM, saying that she has a high-class taste. Doreen said in part; ”If you don’t have a car, don’t call my number”

However, after leaving the station, she was spotted wearing same gown, same hairstyle same wristwatch, and sitting on a commercial motorcycle.

She previously updated her fans about her stint on the radio platform with photos she shot at the studio.

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Shortly, eagled-eyed followers took a photo of her riding to her destination on an okada. See reactions below;

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@DomeIndustries; Most of these females who talk that way are from very difficult backgrounds. They have never seen good things and just starting to see the light.. its just funny excitement but they have nothing.. The reason why having a car is golden to them. Let’s be guided!

Poor upbringing, bad morals hence such can never appreciate the value of hard work wanting soft lives but lazy to work for.. My advice? Distant yourself from such creatures.

@mariannakabuye4; Banage you guys leave the woman that is her standard you also look for those women that don’t mind men who don’t have cars simple

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@kainesheela; Why are men mad mad in the comments? She said what she said

@Dennisjuma01; The fact that she needs a man who has a car means she can’t afford either!

@AmandaMFWalton; You never know somebody’s situation. You probably out here missing out on soul mates because you listen to bad advice. Woman shrugging Material things don’t really mean shit. You can’t take it with you.. Blocking your own happiness with this checklist of false priorities.

@Darkprince6061 said; Well, she’s in no position to negotiate from a position of strength, the commodities/sex she was selling lost value when she clocked 40 if she couldn’t get a car below 30 years from her commodities most probably she will die without a car

@Capt_Sylves; Ugandan girls don’t mind hopping on a boda once in a while. Some of our Kenyan sisters here would rather drop & collapse wapelekwe hosi na ambulance than take a bodaboda ..then from there make a sympathy call “haki I’m in hospital si you come pick me up”

@TenywaDavid15; This is being too cheap! So you think a car is everything/wealth? Sorry get realistic you girls. Get a man with whom you can settle and make a great future & helping you become the best you can ever be.

@EMochere; Being naked does not mean you are beautiful or expensive. Can you list reasons why you need a person with a car visa vis what you are bringing on board?


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