Big Yawa: Abena Korkor confronted by lady who claims she owes her ¢2,000 for blowing her balloon at club

Abena Korkor has found herself in trouble once again as a lady confronted her for not paying for Nitrous Oxide balloons she inflated at a nightclub.

The vendor of the Nitrous oxide balloons, also known as HappyBalloons, explained that Abena Korkor requested her services worth GH¢2000 and had refused to pay.

During her time at the club, she inflated balloons worth GH¢2,000 to get high and nonchalantly left in the morning as if nothing had happened. However, as she was leaving, a club employee approached her and she adamantly refused to pay.

This led to a heated altercation between Korkor and the employee, both of whom were determined to prove their level of craziness. We culled the video from Twitter, now known as X, where the video has been trending for a while.

Is Abena Korkor broke?

Abena Korkor
Abena Korkor

It is unclear what Abena Korkor’s net worth is, making it difficult to determine her financial status. However, she recently hinted at her financial situation by offering to sell her body to the highest bidder.

Korkor disclosed the steep price in a post on X (formerly Twitter), stating that a man could purchase her for eternal use by providing a list of items, including a 3-bedroom house with a gym, garden, and pool, a new pickup truck, an iPhone 15 Pro Max 1TG, and a Macbook.

Korkor claimed that her ex had deceived her and taken her savings, which is why she needs this help. However, some netizens speculate that this may have been her plan all along.

This caused a massive reaction on social media as depicted below:

“I stand on my opinion that this girl is very much aware of her schemes,” one netizen wrote.

Another said: “You people should take the weed from her because it’s getting out of hand,”

However, a third netizen said she will probably get her way.

“The billionaires are rushing you guys are here insulting lol 😂😂 .. ohia y3 bad 😂😂,” one netizen wrote.


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