Bill Gates Son, Rory John Gates; Facts To Know

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Bill Gates son, Rory John Gates the only male out of his three children, is one lucky child given that his father is one of the world’s wealthiest men with a net worth of, according to Forbes, 134.1 billion USD.

But quite far from it (Bill Gates’s net worth), we are here to give an insight into the life of his only son Rory John Gates.

Being a very private person, it is often very difficult to find any personal information out there about Bill Gates son.

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In this article, we are going to make an attempt to bring you all the facts about Bill Gates only son, Rory John Gates.

Bill Gates son, Rory John Gates biography

Rory John Gates
Rory John Gates

Rory John Gates was born on May 23, 1999, in Seattle, Washington.

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He is the second child and only son of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and philanthropist Melinda Gates.

His sisters are Jennifer Katharine Gates and Phoebe Adele Gates.

Little is known about Bill Gates son early life but what is quite clear is that he has enjoyed some luxury at his father’s plush $127 million family residence in Medina, Washington, which had 24 bathrooms, a 23-car garage, and a beach that has sand imported from the Caribbean.

You really don’t need to stress too much if you are Bill Gates son and Rory John Gates certainly had some fun at their plush mansion.


If you are Gates son, you really don’t have to worry over whether you will be getting any quality education–there is no school’s admission fee that Gates can’t pay for his children to go to school. You only just need to qualify and you will be there.

So where did Bill Gates son Rory John Gates go to school?

Rory attended Seattle’s Lakeside School, a school that his father also attended.

Rory’s sisters are also graduates of the private co-ed school.

Currently, it’s believed that Rory attends the University of Chicago.

In 2018, the Chicago Tribune reported that Bill Gates was most likely the new owner of a mansion in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighbourhood.

The following year, Redditors with loose lips confirmed that Rory was a student at the school.

A photo of him with the university’s Moot Court team suggests he is earning a law degree.

How Bill Gates raised Rory and his siblings

Bill Gates Son

It’s easy to imagine that Rory and his siblings grew up with all of the latest technology at their fingertips.

After all, their dad founded Microsoft. But that’s not the case.

Bill and Melinda have been cautious about the risks of too much screentime.

Bill originally introduced a screentime cap for his kids in 2007, after his daughters appeared to be hooked on a video game.

Will Bill Gates son, Rory John Gates inherit his father’s wealth?

Well, who else would benefit from Bill Gates wealth if not his children rather than let them just have it all, Bill has other ideas.

Each of his three children was reportedly entitled to some $10 million inheritance which is just a meagre amount of what the man is worth.

But Bill knew what he was doing with that reported amount to be given to each of his children.

And this reported amount is what is to be given to each of his children as he plans on giving the bulk of his wealth to the Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation.

According to Bill, the intention is for his kids to have a solid education, and from there, they can go out and have their own careers.

Explaining the inheritance plan, Bill said, “It’s not a favour to kids to have them have huge sums of wealth. It distorts anything they might do, creating their own path.”

So, Bill Gates son, Rory John Gates will very much inherit something, but not the entire wealth of his father as seen in what Bill Gates plans to do with his wealth.

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