Billy Packer children : Meet Brandt Packer and Mark Packer

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Billy Packer was a popular American sportscaster and a published author who is known in the public space as a color analyst for television coverage of college basketball, a position he spent more than three decades at.

Billy Packer Bio

Billy was born on February 25, 1940 In Wellsville, a suburb of New York in the United States of America where he grew up under the care of his parents. 

At birth, He was initially given the name Anthony William Paczkowski but his parents later deem it fit to erase the Polish name and give him an entire English Name which brought about the introduction of Packer to make it Anthony William Packer.

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Billy Packer Children 

Billy Packer has three children, all of them were born to his late wife Barbara, their children are known as Mark Packer and Brandt Packer. Not much information is known about their third Child. 

Billy Packer Children are also well established media Personalities, Both Mark and Brandt Packer has followed their father’s footsteps Having made a name for themselves as Television Presenters. Mark has worked in the sports world for close to 25 years now while Brandt Packer works as a producer for Golf Channel.

Billy Packer Children
Billy Packer And his Family

Billy Packer Death

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On January 26th 2023, news broke out that the Legendary Sports broadcaster has passed away at the age of 82. Billy has long ago been battling Kidney problems according to multiple reports close to him and it was confirmed that his cause of death was as a result of Kidney Failure.

His Son, Mark Packer confirmed the death via a social media post in which he wrote

“The Packer Family would like to share some sad news. Our amazing father, Billy, has passed. We take peace knowing that he’s in heaven with Barb. RIP, Billy”


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