Bintu In Bluuueeeeee! Tik Tok Star Hajia Bintu drops fresh photos in tight blue jumper

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Lady in reeddddd–Sorry guys. It’s Bintu in blueeeee, oh see how your bortos draw shape (you should actually be singing this and not reading so you can enjoy the post…lol)

And before you go drop insults at me in the comments, for posting about this, know that I’m excited by big bortos and it feels good to be paid each time you write about Bintu.

I mean, if I write and I’m getting averagely 20k reads per any Hajia Bintu and raking in some dollars as a blogger, is it not just business-wise to give the readers more of Bintu?

Come on! Hajia Bintu has grown to become a celebrity and although it’s awkward, you shouldn’t blame the blogger if you clicked to also come watch some.

Now let’s admire some Bintuness people!!


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