Bisa Kdei Denies Kissing & Smooching Becca & We Dare Him To Swear On His Balls

You would remember sometime ago, reported that HiLife sensation, Bisa Kdei was caught kissing and smooching Becca in her car after the launch of his album, ‘Breakthrough’.

It’s obvious the two feel a thing for each other and could be having something ongoing but they’ve always denied media reports that suggests that they are dating.

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Just recently, there was a news story, in which Bisa Kdei refuted our claim that one of our writers who was at the album launch saw him kissing and smooching Becca in her car.

In an interview he granted, Bisa Kdei disclosed to the blogger that, he never smooched or kissed Becca and that he only accompanied Becca  to her car as he did for other dignitaries.

“Its a fabricated story, we didn’t do that. We weren’t in a car. I escorted her to her car but we weren’t in a car.

If you were at the album launch, you would realise that I was escorting people to thank them and that was what I did but we never smooched,” Bisa Kdei told

We mentioned in that article that, it was in the dark and we felt it was inappropriate to have taken pictures or videos especially when they are two adults and that we don’t have a problem with that. Kissing or smooching a girl is a pretty normal thing to happen and it’s something that happens all of the time in Showbiz.

However, we are very disappointed Bisa Kdei would deny kissing Becca at his album launch. We would have preferred he didn’t even give a response on the subject but months after, he’s decided to claim our story is false.

We have no interest in fabricating such stories and we would like to put it to Bisa Kdei again that, he kissed and smooched Becca and that’s what happened that  night in her car. 

If in anycase, Bisa Kdei still claims, he never kissed Becca, we are making a humble plea to him. Infact my plea is quite crazy and somewhat funny as well.

Am challenging Bisa to hold his balls and swear he didn’t kiss or smooch Becca that night. If that is hard for him, he should meet me up, I would come with 3 white eggs and then he would swear that, if he’s lying, he should loose in all of the 3 songs he’s been nominated in at this year’s VGMAs.

Is that not simple. still maintain that he kissed and smooched Beeca, Period!

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