“Bisa Kdei is not a Highlife singer, he should never say he saved the genre” – Son of Ebo Taylor, Roy X Taylor speaks [Video]

Young budding Ghanaian highlife singer, Roy X Taylor who is the son of highlife legend Ebo Taylor, has discredited the claims by Bisa Kdei that he saved the Highlife genre in Ghana.

According to him, what the ‘Mansa’ hitmaker does or sings is far away from the true and undiluted Highlife genre. Roy X Taylor added that there are some elements of the Highlife genre which the songs of Bisa Kdei do not meet.

Speaking on ATV, the ‘Bokor’ singer said, amongst other things, that he is the new thing to happen to Ghana highlife and his presence on the scene will set up the genre for success.

"Bisa Kdei is not a Highlife singer, he couldn't have saved the genre" – Son of Ebo Taylor, Roy X Taylor speaks [Vdeo]
Roy X Taylor
“Ghanaian musicians have done really well but with the Highlife space, there are vacancies. I am coming into the Highlife scene and I will take it to an Afro-highlife level.”

“There’s nobody who can beat me to it as far Highlife music is concerned. My musical abilities are that of the past because I do not belong to this generation,” he bragged.

Answering the question from the host on what he thinks about a claim by Bisa Kdei that he saved the Highlife genre in Ghana, Roy X Taylor said he does not see the former as a Highlife singer.

In fact, he described Bisa Kdei as a ‘polished Hiplife singer’ who has cleverly fused in some highlife rendition to give an odd kind of feel to his songs.

Roy X Taylor stressed on the fact that Bisa Kdei should never claim that he saved Ghana Highlife genre especially when his songs lack the elements and tempo of a Highlife genre.

“It is not true that Bisa Kdei is the one who saved the Highlife genre in Ghana. His songs do not qualify for the genre. They are more or less like a polished version of Hiplife which have been placed on high-tempo beats.

Highlife emerged from Jazz which follows a tempo. What Bisa Kdei does has a different tempo which lacks the elements to qualify to be described as Highlife.

For me, I do not see his songs are Highlife songs and he couldn’t have saved the genre,” he concluded.

Watch Video Below:

Roy X Taylor is fast-rising contemporary highlife artiste who has promised to redefine the Highlife genre in his own unique way. His choice of lyrics and beats take the shape of songs done in the past that have a local feel but resonates with listeners globally.

Roy X Taylor has done a song with Skrewfaze titled ‘Bokor’ which is simply a blast. His remix version of the song ‘Awomelege’ is just mind-blowing.

You may also like to watch this splendid performance by Roy X Taylor in France where he infused Afrobeats into his Highlife songs; something he describes as “Afro-Highlife.”

He is not only looking forward to walking the path of his father but also redefining the current way Highlife music is being done in Ghana.



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