Bisa Kdei is not my ghostwriter — Gyakie

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In response to claims that Bisa Kdei is Gyakie’s ghostwriter, Jackeline Acheampong, known in showbiz as Gyakie, has spoken out.

She made it clear that she has been creating all of her own music.

She made it clear in her narration that she has written all of her songs since breaking into the business, and that every song she sings is not a cover.

Bisa Kdei, who she regards highly in the music business for having been the first to put their faith in her creativity, was the first person to tell her that she could make it as a musician, but she insisted that he did not write any of her songs.

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“My name is Gyakie. I’m a Singer and a Songwriter. Ever since my first song came out, I have written every single song that has come out myself. I write my own songs and that’s just about it, so please stop that.

“I have been seeing it online a lot that Bisa Kdei is my ghostwriter. He is somebody I actually love his music and he’s one person that actually trusted my sound from the beginning. So I respect him for that”, she clarifies.

Responding to why she was nicknamed the “songbird”, she said her manager gave her the state name after realizing her singing tone was as sweet as a bird, which she described as the most beautifully sung creature in the world.

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“My manager actually gave me that name and I mean birds sing beautifully and I sing beautifully as well, so it makes so much sense to call me the songbird,” she explains.


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