Bisa Kdei Says He’s Searching For Love As His Last Relationship Lasted For Only 2 Weeks

Bisa Kdei who was once rumoured to be banging Becca has disclosed that, he’s single and currently searching for a girlfriend who is determined and wants to be the mother of his children.
In a new interview,  the ‘Mansa’ hitmaker disclosed to the host of the show, Natalia Andoh on E on Class91.3Fm that he’s single and looking for love as his last relationship lasted for only 2 weeks.
“I’m not seeing anybody at the moment, my door is open… I used to have someone, but the one I was with recently didn’t last long. It lasted for about two weeks. There was a little misunderstanding; we had a mutual agreement so it’s ok.”
 “I dated somebody for two years, I dated somebody for almost 3 years, I dated another for a whole year but the recent ones only lasted for a week or three days,” he said.
 But Bisa is not interested in just any woman but a very determined woman who does not want to date him just because of the ‘Bisa Kdei’ factor.
“I’m a very determined person, so I need a very determined woman. …It shouldn’t be about Bisa Kdei. It should be about Ronald,” he said.
“Be determined, be a focused person. Let me see you to be the mother of my kids,” he added.
Bisa Kdei has a new single titled ‘Sister Girl’. Listen to it below