Blaise Kalaba Cause Of Death Linked To Accident

On July 14, 2023, Blaise Kalaba, a Cameroonian comedian and radio intern, was sadly killed in a vehicle accident. At the age of 27, he went by the name Blaise Deffo Fosso.

On his way back after attending his uncle’s burial in western Cameroon, his automobile crashed with a bus on the Douala-Nkongsamba route, killing all five passengers.

Blaise was a rising talent in Cameroon’s comedy industry, having worked alongside prominent comedians like Tagne Kondom and Moustik le Karismatik.

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He was also a student at the Nkongsamba Institute of Fine Arts, which is associated with the University of Douala.

Blaise had performed at the Africa Stand Up Festival in Douala before his sad death.

Road traffic incidents are common nowadays and frequently result in fatalities. An event of this type happened early on July 14, 2023, in Baré, a tiny town in the Moungo Division of Cameroon’s Littoral Region, killing four people, including famed comic Blaise Kalaba.

Blaise Kalaba Car Accident?

Blaise Kalaba was returning from his uncle’s burial in western Cameroon when he was killed in a car accident on the N5 national road near Nkongsamba.

When Kalaba’s automobile collided with a General Voyage agency bus, a tragic catastrophe occurred, killing all of the passengers.

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The crash killed both the car’s driver and all of the passengers on the General Voyage agency bus.

The event is presently being investigated by authorities in order to ascertain the likely cause of the accident.

They are also striving to enact new laws, rules, and safety measures to prevent similar catastrophic incidents in the future.


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