Blakk Rasta Calls Kennedy Agyapong Greedy & Selfish- Has He Bitten More Than He Can Chew?

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Blakk Rasta

We all know who Kennedy Agyapong is; he’s the no-nonsense lawmaker who indiscriminately fires anyone who dares crosses his path. It won’t be far from the truth if we conclude that his brash persona makes him fearful and unapproachable. 

But Blakk Rasta, who is equally maverick has dared the Assin Central lawmaker. He has called him greedy and selfish during his radio programme on Zylofon FM.

Speaking on his Taxi Driver show, the Reggae singer and radio presenter said: “Kennedy Agyapong prides himself in the fact that he is an MP who cares about his people. He prides himself in the fact that he will speak the truth at the peril of his life. I admire Kennedy Agyapong a lot but sometimes there are the rough edges that requires smoothing. Kennedy Agyapong has sometimes spoken against his own party with the latest being his criticism of the President being a ‘tree without roots.’

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Blakk Rasta continued: “What I have observed is that it looks like Kennedy Agyapong is a man who wants to eat alone, it looks like Kennedy Agyapong is a man who is greedy and selfish. Kennedy Agyapong has said time and again how his party gives contracts to people more than he himself. He has said it severally how he could have been a minister of state but he decided to choose somebody a minister in his place so he Kennedy Agyapong can be a free business persons”.

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