Cedi will be ‘toilet paper’ by Christmas – Blakk Rasta goes hard on Govt on his Taxi Driver show

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Blakk Rasta has said considering the prevailing hardship in the country which keeps worsening by the day under the tutelage of President Nana Akufo Addo the cedi will become worthless by December.

The outspoken media personality and Reggae star used the present dollar to the cedi rate to project that the nation’s currency will soon become a ‘toilet paper’ when is Christmas.

He said this when he hosted his popular Taxi Driver programme on Class 91.3FM on the monologue segment of his show, The Black Pot, on Monday, 15 August 2022.

“Now, what is the exchange rate between the cedi and the dollar? 9.25. One dollar is equivalent to GHS9.25”, Blakk Rasta said.

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“There was a time the Ghana cedi was even more valuable than the dollar. When we had our redenomination, the Ghana cedi became more valuable than the American dollar. Today, the American dollar exchanges 9.25 to the Ghana cedi”, he noted.

He also noted that to halt the trend, Ghana must cultivate of exporting more and importing less to salvage the image of the cedi.

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“Which company in Ghana produces balloons; common balloons? We import balloons night and day; toothpicks night and day. By Christmas, the Ghana cedi will almost become toilet paper”, Blakk Rasta charged on his programme.

He also shifted his attention to the quality of some products we bring into the country.

“Christmas is coming, more chicken will be imported into the country. Sometimes, I believe that the chicken that is imported into the country is not fowl. Some of them might be vultures and crows because, for some of them, when you look at the thigh of the ‘chicken’, you want to ask yourself: ‘Eiii, what kind of chicken is this?’”

“And when you look at the beak of the bird, you wonder: ‘What fowl has this kind of mongoloid beak?’ The only thing that has that kind of beak is a vulture. And, so, they package vultures and crows; sometimes they’ll even package owls and send to you to eat for Christmas”.

“You are happily eating it … you are eating vulture, crow and ‘opete’. I wish you a vulture Christmas. I wish you crow Christmas”, Blakk Rasta said.

He said: “If there’s a worse time to be a Ghanaian, this is the time”.

SOURCE: www.Ghbase.com

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