Blakk Rasta Reveals That Barrack Obama Gave Him “An Envelope” For Doing That Song For Him

blakk rasta

Blakk Rasta in an interview today, 16th April, 2016 on Entertainment Review hosted by Akwasi Aboagye has admitted that, he received a brown envelope from the World’s most powerful man in the world when he made a song and dedicated it to him titled “Barack Obama”.

The Former Hitz Fm radio presenter and musician was at the studios of Peace Fm for an interview and among the many things he spoked about on the show, he mentioned that he got some brown envelope from President Barrack Obama.

His current song titled “Dumb Trump” which takes a swipe at the Republican Candidate, Donald Trump was been discussed on the show and the subject of his hit song “Barrack Obama” came up. One of the panelists on the show asked if he got something from Barrack Obama, for making that song.

Blakk Rasta answered by saying that, he got a brown envelope and also a white envelope from Barrack Obama, when he met him one on one back in 2009 after the song had gone viral.

That moment was his “Moment of Glory” and he really capitalized on that opportunity.

He further went ahead to say, he occasionally receives something small from the President. Asked how much,  was in the brown and white envelope, he was tight-lipped on giving a response.

Well, we are certain, it wouldn’t be anything less than $10,000. Stick and Stay on Ghana’s Favorite Entertainment Blog for More Entertainment News.

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