Bleaching Wahala: A-Plus’ Wife Finally Reacts And It’s Not The Answer You Expect

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Loud-mouthed musician cum politician, A-Plus literally met his match when a social media user sent he and his wife, Akosua Vee to the cleaners for insulting Becca for bleaching.

The Instagram user suggested that when it comes to bleaching, his wife is the number one culprit and therefore has no justification to shade another person. The unidentified user went ahead to provide proof that Akosua Vee, has indeed bleached.

Well, after hours of silence, Akosua Vee has subtly responded to the allegations, albeit did not confirm or deny it. She posted some photos of herself on social Facebook and captioned it: The Friday Kinda feeling…#MightyConqueror.

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Quickly a fan posted the before and after photo of her at the comment section and enquired from her if it’s indeed true. A-Plus’ wife, instead of using this fine opportunity to address the issue, rather responded that the person should believe what he want’s to believe because she doesn’t care.

She replied:

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Opinions are like noses so choose what you want to believe . I can’t laugh anymore ????????gh media ???

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