Blending Twi and English makes my music accessible to everyone – Diana Hamilton

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Diana Hamilton, a gospel singer who has achieved widespread success, has remarked that combining singing in Twi and English has benefited her immensely.

“I think it’s helped so much,” she said and recounted a recent interview with the British Broadcasting Corporation’s (BBC) Bola Mosuro.

Singing in Twi and English combined has “helped because I just recently went on the BBC, on an interview, and I had a chat with Bola, the lady that interviewed me. She said, ‘Your blend makes your craft very relatable and understandable by all’.”

She added Bola informed her that: “For me, even if I don’t read the subtitles, I’m able to know what you’re talking about.”

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“So it’s helped and why to change a winning [strategy]?” she beamed.

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“People should be able to understand what you’re saying and it’s [combining Twi and English] helped,” she concluded.

The Akan language spoken in Ghana includes Twi as one of its dialects. Diana Hamilton rose to prominence with the publication of her megahit ‘Adom’ in the year 2020.

On Friday, October 14, 2022, she released her newest single, which is titled “My Meditations.”

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