BNI Arrests 20 Legon Students For Attempting To Hack Into The University’s System To Change Their Grades

Some 20 persons have been arrested by the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI), for attempting to hack the University of Ghana website to change the grades of students.
According to the Vice-Chancellor of the University, Prof. Ebenezer Oduro Owusu, The school has beefed up its security system to protect its integrity.
He told Citi News’ Caleb Kudah that the suspects were not students.
“There has been an attempt to get into our system to do all sorts of things and as you know, we are also not sitting idle for that to happen. We have intensified our security measures and we have gotten hold of some people, but absolutely not students,” he said.
He added that “we wouldn’t allow unscrupulous people to use our system for business and their selfish gains. The integrity of the University is specifically important to us, and we need to protect the integrity at all cost.”
Prof. Oduro Owusu further urged students to refrain from paying monies to persons who claim they can help them change their grades.
“They should refrain getting compromised. They should refrain from patronizing in case people try to confront them or try to get them to solicit that kind of help, it won’t help them so they should not allow themselves to be used by these unscrupulous persons.”
Allegations of grade manipulation are quite common in some of Ghana’s public universities, with some students claiming they pay thousands of cedis to certain individuals to help them change their grades.
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