Thursday, December 3, 2020

Bob Risky Arrested In Lagos & Here’s What We Know So Far

Has the Nigerian police had it with Bob Risky? Reports on several Nigerian blogs say that the male barbie and gay star has been arrested by police in Lagos.

Although there is no official statement yet out on the reason for his arrest, most blogs are speculating that it could be because he came out to officially declare that he is gay, an offence which is punishable by law and if one is found guilty could spend 14 years in jail. also wrote that, when they spoke to Lagos State Police, their PRO, Famous Cole said that, he was not aware of such arrest.


We have also reached out to the Lagos State Poolice PRO, Famous Cole who said, ‘I’m not aware of such arrest at the moment. Maybe he was invited for questioning or he went voluntarily to make a complaint’.— wrote

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The site also wrote:

From the photos circulating, Bobrisky is without any footwear and he looks visibly distraught which clearly means he didn’t go there voluntarily. He’s also not reachable at the moment as his mobile phone is switched off.

Well, we would keep you posted when we are able to gather more details on this.


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