Bobby Hull cause of death, bio, wife, children, parents

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Bobby Hull’s death sent shockwaves around the World and many sympathizers are currently mourning the Hockey Star, But how well do you know Bobby Hull? 

This Article will bring you exclusive details about you should know about Bobby Hull Wife, Cause of Death, Children, Career and his entire Family.

Bobby Hull Biography 

Born as Robert Marvin Hull and shortly referred to as Bobby Hull, he was a renowned Canadian Ice Hockey player who played for Chicago Black Hawks, Winnipeg Jets and the Hartford Whalers. 

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He was born on January 3rd 1939 in Point Anne, a suburb of Ontario in Canada to Lena Cook, his mother and Robert Edward Hull, his beloved Father.

Bobby Hull Wife

Bobby Hull has an interesting history when it comes to his Marriage life, His First Marriage was to Joanne McKay but that didn’t last long and ended in divorce in 1980 after reports of several abusive incidents.

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Hul went on to marry again but it was the same old Story, 1986, his New Wife Identified as Deborah who happens to be his third marriage accused of assault and battery, she however dropped the charges later but that as well brought an end to their Affair.

Bobby Hull
Bobby Hull

In The same year he was accused of Assault, Hull was romantically involved with a woman named Claudia Allen. Hull retired from the Hartford Whalers to take care of Allen, who was injured in a severe automobile accident.

Biobby Hull Children

Bobby has a total of five children, all of them came from his marriage with first wife Joanne, They had 5 sons named Bobby Jr., Blake, Brett, Bart, and a daughter called Michelle.

 Bobby Hull Death

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On January 30th 2023, the Former Hockey star is as pronounced dead at the age of 84. There has been no announcement on his Cause of death.



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