Bobrisky Prays To God For A Womb So She Could Give Birth

Crossdresser cum transgender, Bobrisky has asked God to give her a womb so she can bear fruit and be a proud mom.

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It seems the so-called social media Barbie is not perturbed by the name calling hurled her way, reason why she continues to make ridiculous statements such as this.

To rub salt on whatever opinion her detractors might pour on her with this new statement, Bobrisky said God has made her much prettier than ‘real’ women (remember ‘she’ used to be a man) so she wonders why she has no kids yet.

She further said she has enough money to buy any womb around if perhaps God doesn’t listen to her prayers.

”Since God can make me finer than lot of girls y can’t he give me a WOMB… d way pregnant is hungry me ehnnnn. I have money  where can I buy womb,” she said.

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