Bola Ray’s EIB Network Finally Purchases Gh One Television- Would They Change It To Starr Tv?

There were rumors sometime back that EIB Network, which has Bola Ray as the CEO was buying GH One Television but many thought it was just a one of those media rumors but it appears, that rumor is has now become a reality. has reported that EIB Network has finally purchased Ghone Television, which  will make them the new owners.

The website also reports that  the deal comes into effect November 1, 2015, making GHOne an official addition to a group that owns other properties in radio, print and online.

A successful takeover, it brings to an end months of discussion, gather from official sources, and would see EIB hand GHOnea complete makeover.

It would be recalled that when StarrFm  was started last year, Bola Ray in an interview mentioned that, Starr Tv would also start this year January but we didn’t see anything, but now that, his media network has purchased Gh One Television, it looks that statement he made is been brought into vision?

Would they change the name from Ghone to Starr Tv? We cannot tell for now, but we are confident, that would surely happen. would follow up on this story and bring you more updates on it.

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