Bolt driver who was humiliated on social media by a lady for absconding with her change of ₵88 finally emerges to give his side of the story

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A couple of hours ago, one lady named Sandra embarrassed a bolt driver in a typical ‘name and shame’ scenario after she claimed the driver absconded with her change of ₵88 after giving him ₵100 for her trip which cost ₵12.00

Sandra managed to win sympathy with her one-sided narration and eventually social media users called for the head of the driver who was identified as Emmanuel.

She took to one of the biggest platforms on Facebook, Trotro Diaries to share her biased and largely untrue story as captured in the screenshot below:

A friend of Emmanuel who is also a member of Trotro Diaries and who never believed the lies propagated by Sandra quickly got in touch with him to hear his side of the story and that was when the true picture of what actually happened was painted.

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Emma’s friend, Kristine Afi then shared her findings in the form of screenshots based on the conversation she had with him.

She preceded her post by taking sides with the driver because she said has known her for years and doubted if she could do a thing like that.

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Her post as sighted in Trotro Diaries reads;

“The below photos are Emma’s side of the story. Last evening somebody made an Anonymous post about a bolt driver running away with her balance after 12gh ride and she paid 100.With all due respect let me outline my observations.

1. When I saw the post I was wondering why anonymous post if indeed He left with your 88gh balance?

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I went to the same SHS with Emmanuel the Bolt driver, He happens to be my senior ,a close friend as well and knowing him very well and the kind of integrity He built for himself and still building, I didn’t believe He could do that.a.

He was our SRC president and school perfect , a very discipline and no nonsense guy.b. With his association with media and national stuffs, I really doubted the poster so I commented under the post “Huuh Emmanuel was my senior from ShS and the kind of reputations

He is building for himself I don’t believe this”Just for someone to come reply my comment that “your senior is a thief”😀

Those of us here that went to the same SHS , uni and work with him knows he is a no nonsense guy🥰


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