Bortors Power: Moesha Buys A New Range Rover From Her ‘Hard Work’ As An Actress

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Moesha seems to have put in lots of work this year and she’s proven that ‘hardwork’ really pays as she’s reported to have bought a new Range Rover by dint of her incredible acting skills—Okay, you can unread that now.

Moesha has a Range Rover now and we don’t know if she was able to buy it from her acting job or perhaps from her rich boyfriend who’s another woman’s husband.

I’m not accusing her of anything, because she confessed in an infamous CNN interview that, she was dating a married man and was in love with him. Moesha has a history of staying away from broke boyfriends and had even said in the past that, she dumped her boyfriend in the past because he was broke.

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In that interview, she confidently confessed that she was sleeping with another woman’s because she can’t make enough money in Ghana’s economy.

Moesha Buodong look to the Ghana Football Awards

So it’s safe to say she’s a ‘Slay Mama’ and her bortos has been doing some magic for her.

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Well, it could also be that she won some lottery or sports bet right?

Whatever it is, that girl owns a Range Rover now and I don’t even have a bicycle tyre—Who will smash me and just buy me a wheelbarrow? I’m being ‘sherious’, at least, I’m not that ugly….LOL

Watch the video below of Moesha getting into her new toy:

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