Boxer Freezy Macbones falls in love with Delay, reveals his intention to marry her

In a surprising turn of events, Ghanaian boxer Seth Gyimah, also known as Freezy Macbones, has taken a courageous step by publicly professing his love for the renowned TV and radio personality, Delay.

The heartfelt proposal took place during Freezy Macbones’ appearance on Delay’s show, where he couldn’t contain his admiration and affection for the media icon.

Throughout the interview, Freezy Macbones couldn’t help but blush with excitement as he declared Delay to be the woman of his dreams, expressing his eagerness to put a ring on her finger if given the chance.

This unexpected revelation has sparked immense curiosity among fans of both the boxer and Delay, causing a frenzy across various social media platforms.

During the interview, Freezy Macbones opened up about his admiration for Delay, expressing his deep respect for the way she carries herself as a woman. He spoke with genuine admiration, painting Delay as someone he truly holds in high regard.

In response to the boxer’s heartfelt confession, Delay playfully raised concerns about potential domestic disputes, considering Freezy Macbones’ profession as a boxer.

However, Freezy Macbones quickly reassured her, affirming that if given the chance, he would shower her with pure and unconditional love, dispelling any notions of aggression.

This unexpected proposal has sparked conversations on social media, with numerous users urging Delay to give Freezy Macbones a chance, as they perceive him to be a sincere and kind-hearted individual.

Netizens React 

Some reactions gathered on Facebook are;

@Maria Ans: “Marry her, Delay is a beautiful woman and hardworking 🥳🍾”

@Richard Gyamfi: “It’s a fact that men from Kumasi possess a unique talent for making women feel valued and cherished in romantic relationships, even though they might not have much to give.”

@McDonald Sovor: “Straight up, Freezy the kingdom of anything can happen, is proud of you

@Akua Nyantaa:” That’s true…Ashanti men really know how to cater for a woman!!! My husband’s is a living example. My people never fail… ”

@Erin Carter:” Awww…live tv proposal 🤩😍”

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