Boy with natural blues, white hair and a lighting mark on face goes viral

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A video of a young boy with special looks has gone viral and caused a lot of people to talk.

The little boy who has uncommon special looks was seen in a Tk Tok video with natural blue eyes, white hair on the front side of his hair, and a peculiar lighting mark on his face.

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The child who was videoed and shared on Tik Tok has gotten a lot of people talking. His eyes which look natural had a blue iris. The white hair of the child begins at the front part of his head where the lighting mark begins. The lighting marks strikes down through his face to his chin.

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Social media users have reacted to the video of the young boy… Read below…

@Killing villion: “So cute beautiful child. Looks like lightning ⚡️on his face. Absolutely beautiful.

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@Lunar moon: “He’s so beautiful. I keep thinking he was kissed by lightning.”

@Jamie: “I believe he has Waardenburg Syndrome. People with this look so Unique and LovelySending Love to this Cuttie.”

@Katrena: “I see a storm cloud upon his head, lightning down the center of his face between two bodies of water, his eye beautiful.”

@Brie Brie: “The Angel of lightning placed in his body and his eyes is a beautiful ocean to stop fire his so handsome.”

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