Bradley Nowell Son: Did The Musician Have Any Son?

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Death is no pretty thing at all as it sometimes takes the very people meant to guide us through life away from us; such was the ordeal of Bradley Nowell son who has had to deal with life all alone after the death of his father Bradley.

You would not want to be in the shoes of Bradley Nowell son who lost his father just a year after he was born.

In this article, we take a look at who the son of Bradley Nowell is and how life has been for him after losing his father when he could barely make any sense of the world around him.

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Before we discuss the life of Bradley Nowell son, let’s spare some time to talk about the life of Bradley Sr. until he lost his life. Who is Bradley Nowell?


Bradley Nowell

The lead singer and guitarist for the ska punk band Sublime, Bradley James Nowell, was an American musician. Nowell was raised in Belmont Shore, Long Beach, California, and was born there.

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He showed an early interest in music.

His father took him on a trip to Jamaica when he was young, exposing him to dancehall and reggae music; after learning how to play the guitar, he developed a keen interest in rock music.

Before starting Sublime with drummer Bud Gaugh and bassist Eric Wilson, whom Nowell had met while attending California State University at Long Beach, they played in a number of bands together.

During his lifetime, Sublime recorded the critically acclaimed and financially successful albums 40oz to Freedom and Robbin’ the Hood.

Jim and Nancy Nowell raised their two children, Bradley and Kellie, in Long Beach, California’s Belmont Shore area.

Bradley Nowell used to take part in boat races while sailing and surfing as a kid.

Nowell developed into a challenging youngster who was frequently hyperactive and disruptive; according to his mother, “very sensitive, artistic, and emotional, but he was needy.

He constantly tested the limits of what he could get away with.” Nowell’s behaviour deteriorated after his parents divorced when he was ten years old.

Originally given custody, he moved in with his father full-time when he was 10 years old because his mother considered him to be too difficult to manage.

We could go on and on about who he is but this is about who Bradley Nowell son is and in order not to lose track of why we write this article, we need not dwell too much on Bradley.

That is just about enough to know who the former musician really was but how did he die?

Bradley Nowell Death

Jakob James Nowell

Bradley Nowell son did not enjoy his company as his father died soon after his birth. What caused the death of Bradley Nowell? Sublime was scheduled to start a five-day tour in Northern California on May 25.

This was to be followed by tours of Europe and the East Coast. However, drummer Bud Gaugh discovered Nowell asleep on the floor next to his bed while the group was staying at the Ocean View Motel in San Francisco.

Lou Dog, his dalmatian, was wailing and curled up on the bed. Nowell had attempted to rouse up the other band members to accompany him to the beach that morning, but they were too sleepy and groggy to get up. Gaugh’s initial assumption was that Nowell was too drunk to get into bed.

But it soon became clear that he had overdosed on heroin when he spotted a yellow film surrounding his mouth.

Nowell had passed away earlier and had been declared dead at the spot when Gaugh called for EMS. In Surfside, California, where he loved to surf, Nowell’s cremated remains were scattered there.

At Westminster Memorial in Westminster, California, a grave marker was erected in his honour.

Bradley Nowell Son

Bradley Nowell Son

Who is Bradley Nowell son? Bradley Nowell son is known as Jakob James Nowell. He was born on June 25, 1995, in Long Beach, California.

Bradley Nowell, his father, attained fame for his guitar playing, songwriting, music production, and vocals. He served as the band’s lead singer for many years before his untimely death. Troy Dendekker was Jakob James Nowell mother.

Jakob James Nowell, who learned how to play the guitar from his grandfather, is a similarly enthusiastic performer as his father. He also sings with some ability.

From his mother’s second marriage, he has three half-siblings, two half-sisters, and a half-brother. He gets along well with his mum.

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