Brave Ghanaian lady chases robber on his own bike after he snatched her phone

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A Ghanaian lady has won admiration online after she risked her life to go after a robber on his own bike after he snatched her mobile phone.

Footage of the almost Hollywood flick rolled out from a CCTV camera which captured the moment the robber who was on a motorbike, stopped abruptly and attacked the lady who was then fidgeting with her phone.

The guy shoved her aggressively before taking the phone but the lady put up a strong resistance amidst shouting to attract other neighbours.

When help wasn’t forthcoming, the lady jumped on the bike and rode with the robber while he was getting away.

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Eventually, he was caught and beaten mercilessly after which the phone was retrieved. The part of the video where he was nabbed by some area boys will be shared later in a new update.

In other news making headlines, an internet scammer who obviously has limited time to spend his ill-gotten wealth has decided to distribute it to everyone before he embraces death finally.

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According to reports, as he has less than two years left to live, he pleaded with the public to help him enjoy his N18.9 billion.

The scammer or Yahoo boy claims that even though he made a bargain with the Devil and that his time is running out, he can still maintain his fortune by killing members of his family.

However, he requested that Nigerians either send their account numbers or advice on how to spend the money so that he could credit them.

Per the content of a video shared correspondingly, the fraudster could be seen partying hard with his friends and flaunting his new Mercedes Benz. He said that as long as one can follow the rules, earning money is fine.


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