BREAKING: Afia Shcwarzenegger Is HeartBroken, Bonked By A Man Who Says He Never Married Her| Heads To Obinim For Advice

Afia Shcwarzenegger is seriously heart-broken right now and the tears from her eyes are raining heavily. The reason is that, she has been played for a fool.

Reports making rounds is that, Afia Shcwarzenegger who claimed to be married to one UK based man, Godson Yaw Boakye is actually a deceit and that she was never married to the man in question as the man is married to one Gladys and lives with her and their three kids in Birmingham, UK.

According to, a close friend of Afia disclosed to them that, Afia is heartbroken, shocked and crying her heart put for being a victim in this big scandal.

Afia was more surprised to have learnt that, the man he had dated for three years and married to for three years, was not the man she thought he was, a man he bragged with. Although she lives in the house of the man at Haatso in Accra, not too far from where Godson’s mother’s house is.

Now we know some of you might be asking when she got married to this man and what prove we have. Well,during the period she was attacking Obinim, in a phone call interview with a radio station, she mentioned that she is married to one Godson and that people should check him out oh her instagram. In that same interview, she asked if any one has heard of his husband bonking another woman. What she didn’t know was that, her alleged husband had been bonking for long.
Listen to that interview below
Afia has been on several trips with the man and shared all of those moments on her social media pages and she says, she wouldn’t have posted them if she knew that the man was married.

afia schwanegger husband
Godson Yaw Boakey and Afia

image2 has also learnt that, Afia would be filing a case against Godson in court and has removed all those pictures she shared with the man in it. We all are going to have a fun week, as the rift between herself and Obinim is not dead yet. Godson has also stated that he was never married to Afia and is only married to Gladys, his legal wife. We will be updating you more on this story

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