Breast milk are meant for babies, not eye treatment – Ophthalmic Nurse advises

An Ophthalmic Nurse at the Hohoe Municipal Hospital, Mrs Ama Henrietta Serchie, has cautioned the public on the popular perception that breast milk can cure certain eye problems.

Mrs Ama Henrietta Serchie called on the public to desist from putting drops of breast milk on their eyes as a means of treating the infected eyes.

“Breast milk is not meant for the eye. It is meant for babies and it can transfer infections from the mother to the one putting it on the eye. Anything can happen,” she said.

Mrs Serchie in an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) during a free eye screening and surgical operations organised by Lifetime Wells Vision in collaboration with Friends Eye Centre from Tamale and Kumasi, advised people experiencing itchy eyes to seek medical help and stop rubbing their eyes.

She said people must avoid using seawater and herbal medicines as a form of treatment for their eyes anytime they felt there was a problem.

The Ophthalmic Nurse urged the public to have their eyes checked every six months and visit health facilities that had eye clinics while urging people not to wait till they went blind before seeking help.

The Nurse noted that it was important for people who brought eye conditions to health facilities or eye clinics to adhere to directives including dates given them for follow-ups.

Mrs Serchie also called on people to make eye clinics their first point of call when they experienced eye conditions.


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