Brian Brizz Gillis cause of death, obituary, funeral

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Brian Brizz Gillis death continues to be a shock to everyone and in this article, we will bring to you details of Brian Brizz Gillis cause of death, funeral and obituary.

Who is Brian Brizz Gillis? 

Brian Gillis as he is popularly known was a renowned Actor and vocalist who gained massive attention worldwide and became popular as one of the original founders of 90s pop group LFO. 

Brian Brizz Gillis’s path to success came after the formation of the LFO band which gained major recognition in the US and Europe but he left the group in 1998 to start a solo career.

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Unfortunately for him, it was after his departure that the band which was based in Massachusetts will now go on to two hits that took over the world.

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Brian Brizz Gillis Cause of Death 

Brian Brizz Gillis died on Wednesday, March 29, 2023, at the age of 47. The main cause of his death has not been made known yet. 

Brian Brizz Gillis Obituary 

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Brian’s bandmate Brad Fischetti was one of the many who reacted to his death and paid tribute to him in a post that reads : “Today I honour my former bandmate and friend.If it wasn’t for his hard work and dedication in the early days of LFO, the LFO you came to know and (hopefully) love would not exist.”

The first two chapters of the LFO story lost a main character yesterday.”

Brian Brizz Gillis Funeral 

The exact date  Brian’s Funeral will be done has not yet been scheduled.


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