Bride shuns cake as she feeds her husband with fufu on their wedding day

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A brief drama was enacted on a wedding day when a couple ditched the conventional wedding cake used on occasions like this for something else nobody saw coming.

In a video gaining prominence online, the bride proudly fed her husband with fufu and soup and he happily swallowed every morsel his new wife put in his mouth.

The pair reportedly decided to go traditional at their wedding although they were still draped in the normal suit and white gown respectively.

Their decision has been applauded by social media as it adds dynamism to the way wedding receptions are conducted.

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In the same vein, a Nigerian man, Chinedu Ihekwoaba has shockingly revealed that he parted ways with the woman he intended to marry simply because of a disagreement in food preparations. 

Justifying why he pulled the plugs on the relationship himself, the young man said he has made it clear to her that he loves his food to be cooked fresh every day, and he does not like the idea of warming or microwave meals.

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The woman objected strongly to his rigid posture saying there was no way she could sustain that kind of pressure, leading to the end of the relationship triggered by the guy. 

Bizarrely, the guy said he learned this from his own mother who used to cook fresh meals for his father every single day and brainwashed him by saying any woman that cannot do this is not a good wife.

In his words; ”I left a three-year relationship. I told my fiance I don’t eat stale or microwaved food. Just give me fresh food. She said that would be stressful.

Nah, our mothers made fresh food for our fathers. They fed us fresh food. If you can’t do it, you can’t make a good wife. I’m sorry!”

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