Bride who could not wait to get home ‘gives it’ to the groom at their reception as other guests cheer them on- Watch

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A bride who could not wait to get home before showing her newly married hubby what she’s equipped with swung into full gear at their wedding reception.

The young lady tilted her back to her man and ‘grinded’ him like there’s no tomorrow. He equally rose to the occasion and supplied the required adrenaline to supplement their dance routine.

Other guests cheered them on wildly and it was a sight to behold. Watch the video below;


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In other news, men are presently going gaga and drolling over a young lady who has amassed strands of glossy hair on her abdomen around her navel region.

The rare phenomenon which is technically called by belly button has earned the lady a lot of fans.

Per the video, the lady is wearing a black crop top with white and yellow shorts exposing the hair on her abdomen and navel.

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Even though belly button hair isn’t considered ‘normal’ for women to have by most of society, almost all women still have hairs sprouting up in the region.

Watch video here. 


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